Charles Holland – Owner/Photographer

I was brought to the Hampton Roads area at the age of 6 via my father joining the Navy and being stationed at Oceana air station in Virginia beach. Most of my young life was spent moving all around Virginia beach until I moved out on my own and ventured over to Norfolk. I have always loved Hampton Roads and can’t see calling anywhere else home.

I have been married since 2003 and have a 6 year old son. In 2006 I joined the Army which sent me everywhere but home over the last 10 years. Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, California, and so on. I got out this year after 10 years of service and the family missed Hampton Roads and had to move back to where we call home. My wife was born and raised in Newport News so we decided to settle on the Peninsula.

I came into photography due to 2 things. First was because of my wife who before I joined the Army was a manager at a photo lab. We had multiple cameras including a Canon EOS XSI and the Canon Rebel II (the last film camera Canon made). She taught me everything she knew about cameras. second was during my time in the last unit I served with in the Army. I was part of the 2-7 Infantry Cotton balers. This is the oldest active infantry unit in the Army dating back  to the war of 1812 and commanded by Andrew Jackson. This means that the unit had a very storied history. As an additional duty my commander made me the unit photographer in order to document our unit’s ongoing history. I had access to many high end cameras and was able to further hone my craft. I also was asked by my commander and a few other officers to photograph their homes when they were being transferred and selling their homes. This is what brought me into the world of real estate photography and I knew it was what I wanted to do when I parted ways with the Army.

My hobbies include playing the bass guitar, viola, clarinet, and various other instruments. I also love museums (the Chrysler museum is my favorite). I also love going with my family to national parks and exploring caverns.